Perfect Packaging

Enhance your jewellery shopping journey with Ikecho Australia, where each piece is meticulously crafted to embody a true work of art. Our commitment to excellence extends seamlessly to our packaging, ensuring that each item is thoughtfully wrapped. Immerse yourself in the luxury of effortless gift-giving with Ikecho! Enjoy our complimentary Perfect Packaging service with every purchase, effortlessly elevating the experience of self-indulgence or surprising a loved one. Your order will arrive in style, adorned in our exclusive Ikecho Australia branded boxes and jewellery pouches.

Anticipate the joy as your exquisite piece is delicately wrapped in Ikecho branded tissue paper, sealed with our iconic logo sticker, and securely nestled within our distinctive Ikecho Australia branded craft box. Elevate the pleasure of gifting with Ikecho – where every detail is carefully curated for a truly exceptional presentation, whether it's for others or a well-deserved treat for yourself.

Infuse your gift with a personal touch by adding a heartfelt message on our beautiful occasion card. Share a meaningful sentiment and create a lasting memory with your thoughtful gesture.

During the checkout process, simply choose the checkbox to include a personalised gift message with your order. Your message will be transcribed onto a handwritten card and included in your gift package. Please ensure that your message is free from objectionable words, phrases, and obscenities, as Ikecho Australia retains the right to eliminate any such content from your personalised messages.

We also offer the option to provide a tax invoice without itemised prices, perfect for situations where you're gifting an item and wish to keep the cost confidential.


Each purchase of Ikecho's fine jewellery comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, a testament to the exceptional quality and craftsmanship that sets Ikecho's pieces apart. This certificate not only serves as a mark of distinction but also offers several key benefits to the discerning buyer.

  1. Verification of Genuine Quality: The Certificate of Authenticity is a formal document provided by Ikecho that confirms the legitimacy and genuineness of the jewellery you have acquired. It is a guarantee that the piece you own is a true representation of Ikecho's impeccable craftsmanship and design.
  2.  Provenance and Origin: The certificate typically includes essential details about the jewellery, such as its origin, materials used, and the specific design attributes. This information ensures transparency and authenticity in every aspect of the piece's creation.
  3.  Quality Assurance: Ikecho is renowned for its dedication to producing high-quality jewellery. The Certificate of Authenticity signifies that the jewellery has undergone rigorous quality control checks, guaranteeing its durability, lustre, and beauty.
  4.  Resale and Appraisal Value: The Certificate of Authenticity is invaluable if you ever decide to resell your Ikecho jewellery. It provides prospective buyers or appraisers with confidence in the piece's quality and origin, potentially increasing its resale or appraisal value.
  5.  Collectible and Legacy Pieces: Ikecho's fine jewellery often becomes treasured family heirlooms or collectible items. The Certificate of Authenticity not only enhances the sentimental and emotional value of the jewellery but also aids in documenting its history for future generations.
  6.  Peace of Mind: Ultimately, the Certificate of Authenticity offers peace of mind to the buyer. It acts as a legal and official document, reinforcing trust in the product's integrity and Ikecho's commitment to excellence.