Known for their stunning array of colours, from brilliant red, blues and greens sprinkled perfectly over a white or light background, Australian light opals are the most produced type of opal.

A popular option for opal jewellery, light opals are also commonly called white opals and even milk opals due to their pale appearance. Alongside the incredible variety of colours and patterns seen in natural light opals, the pale exterior makes them a must-have in any jewellery box. The beautifully subtle array of colours of light opal jewellery remain subtle enough to make them the perfect addition to any outfit while remaining utterly breathtaking no matter how you choose to wear them.

Why is Australian Light Opal Jewellery so popular? Well, if the beauty doesn’t convince you, then here is a rundown of our 5 favourite things about light opal jewellery:

One of our favourite things about light opal necklaces is that they elevate the most simple outfit, bringing with them sheer elegance and class. Wearing all of the most beautiful colours of a rainbow around your neck is an absolute blessing. The stunning shades of light blue and white create an incredibly pure aura, allowing you to feel at peace with not only yourself but also your surroundings.

If you aren’t usually a fan of statement jewellery but want to add a bit of colour to your jewellery box, light opal necklaces are a great solution. Light opals offer the perfect balance between colourful and subtle, making them a fun best friend for any minimalist.

Light Opals reveal their distinct beauty at every angle, with every glimpse of light changing the appearance of the stunning stone. When worn upon your constantly moving fingers, this gives the illusion of an almost-fluid appearance within the opal – an incredible feature of light opal rings that sums up our love for light opal jewellery. Regardless of the metal type or shape of opal that adorns your finger, you will carry with you an incredible piece of jewellery that you won’t want to stop stating at.

If you are looking for the perfect excuse to buy a new ring, consider this a sign. Light opal rings are seriously a must-have for anyone looking to dress with elegance this Summer.

Like the relieving freshness of a cool drop rain in the middle of Summer, light opal earrings offer a fresh edge with a level of class to any outfit. We love the way the light blues and accents of red and green perfectly complement any eye colour, bringing out the depth and beauty in everyone. If you are more inclined to wear minimalistic jewellery, we are obsessed with the simple perfection of light opal stud earrings. However, if you are prepared to get compliments all night long, these light opal hook earrings apply the perfect amount of confidence to a stunning design.

Light opal earrings embody everything we love about Australian opal jewellery – they are sophisticated, subtle, yet full of stunning colours. Appealing to minimalists and statement jewellery lovers alike, light opal earrings are an easy-to-please addition to any jewellery box.

These two precious gemstones pair so perfectly that you will often see them sharing the spotlight. The lustrous sheen on any pearl you encounter will put a twinkle in your eye and a smile on her face, while the incredible array of colours shining through light opals complement the simple perfection of a white freshwater pearl. If the products highlighted throughout this article still aren’t enough, we offer you this:

Australian Light Opals are inherently eye-catching and make for the perfect addition to anyone’s jewellery box. If you are looking for the perfect Light Opal Jewellery, it’s time to start shopping