Pearls are remarkably durable and can maintain their beautiful lustre, however, it’s really important to remember that pearls are an organic gem that will require some special care.

Here are our do’s and don’t for caring for your pearls:

DO apply your makeup and hair products before you put your pearls on. Pearls are porous, therefore contact with moisturisers, sunscreens and deodorants should be avoided as they can, over time, dull their lustre and cause marks and spots.

DON’T spray perfume where you intend to wear your pearls.

DO wipe your pearls with a soft damp cloth, there is no need for commercial, ultrasonic or steam cleaning solutions, your pearls will react naturally to a chemical-free clean.

DON’T let your pearls come into contact with hairspray, cosmetics, sunscreens and perfumes as these contain chemicals that can damage the nacre.

DO have your pearl strands re-threaded often to avoid broken thread as over time and when worn often, the thread can become frail.

DON’T swim, shower, sleep, play sport or come into any contact with chlorinated water while wearing your pearls.

DO store them in a soft cloth or their original case, away from other gems or jewellery that may rub against them. Diamonds and other jewellery may rub the pearl’s surface and mark the pearl or metal surfaces.

DON’T store your pearls in coloured boxes for long periods as they can absorb the colour.

Follow these simples tips and your pearls will look amazing for generations.